ASUS mypal A620 - Familiar LINUX

Hello, I just revive the informations from about installation LINUX on this PDA. Hope Vincent Bénony (author) doesn't mind.

About bootloader

Note : this is still an old kernel. 2.6.19-hh8 kernel only works on CF card for now...

You can compile your own fake WinCE update file by downloading this [WWW]archive, unpacking it and simply typing make. This will create a AD620N.nb0 file that you can flash on your A620.

You can find a compiled toolchain [WWW]here. If you want to use another GCC toolchain, please modify the Makefile and change the value of the SDK variable.

Linux distribution files are in the dist directory. filesystem is a file containing an EXT2 filesystem (mount it with a loop device).

Kernel 2.6.19-hh8

Kernel of 2007/01/21

pre-build kernel image : [WWW]zImage

Sources are now hosted on official Handhelds CVS.

Opie and GPE

In order to launch Opie, you should follow those instructions (sorry, for now you MUST own a CF card reader on your PC...)

Please, keep in mind that you'll lose all your personal datas into PocketPC environment ! So, do a backup before trying this, using Smart Keeper !

  • download [WWW]kernel image (2.6.12-hh2)

  • download linexec archive file :

  • download [WWW]Opie or [WWW]GPE disk image. Those image are images of Asus 716 port. I do not provide any support for them, I'm only a kernel developper, so most applications works, but some don't !

  • Put a CF card (at least 128Mo) into you PC CF card reader, and as root, create 2 primary partitions on this card: the first one should be a FAT32 partition (type 0x0B) of approximatly 10Mo, and the second should be a EXT2 partition. Those partitions MUST be primary partitions (not extended) (they will be /dev/hda1 and /dev/hda2 in your future Linux system)

  • format those partitions

  • copy zImage file into the root of FAT32 partition. Unpack linexec archive into this partition.

  • unpack the Opie disk image into the EXT2 partition

  • unmount CF

  • plug it into your A620

  • Execute linexec.exe and enjoy !

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